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We are inspired by international and national developments. We are enthusiastic about small and large things of different nature and admire tradition, innovation, craftsmanship and technology at the same time.

Our focus is on the well-being of people and the efficient use of resources. For us, high-quality architecture means beauty, durability, permanence, sustainability and the joy of using a building, regardless of the budget. Our proposed solutions are diverse and never rigid.

Our way of thinking is inclusive. At the centre of our work is the combination of fundamental functional and aesthetic requirements for rooms with the client's wishes. We achieve customised solutions from this collaboration and see this as the greatest potential for creating new spaces. As generalists, we accompany, plan, coordinate and organise the entire construction project from the initial discussions and preliminary designs through to completion.

By directly involving external specialists, we find comprehensive and holistic solutions together with the client. Our scientific and research activities at the university mean that we are always involved in new developments in the field of construction.

Steffen Kunkel + Eleni Zaparta



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